1 - Power Trip "Brain Skull" Shirt

Black shirt with White, Orange, and Green inks. Printed on Alstyle    


2 - Code Orange Kids "Herd Thinners" Hoodie

Black hoodie with White ink. Printed on Alstyle or Beimar or Independent.    


3 - The Story So Far "Flower Face" Shirt

Burgundy shirt with White ink. Printed on Alstyle.       


4 - The Wonder Years "Live Hank" Crew Neck

Black Crew Neck with White ink. Printed on Gildan.  


5 - King Nine "Scared To Death" Hoodie

Black hoodie with White ink. Printed on Beimar or Independent or Alstyle.      


6 - Basement "B" Hoodie

Maroon and Athletic Heather hoodies with White ink. Printed on an assortment of blanks     


7 - Terror "One With The Underdogs" Scarf

A classic hardcore anthem sported on some brand new winter wear.   Knitted, traditional, soccer style scarf.  Approximately 58 inches long and 7 inches wide.    


8 - Fireworks "Tiger" Hoodie

Black hoodie with White, Orange, and Yellow ink. Printed on Independent or Alstyle.


9 - Fireworks "Wolf Kid" Hoodie

Athletic Heather hoodie with Black ink. Printed on Alstyle, Beimar, or Independent.


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About Us

Welcome to Cold Cuts Merch.  We are proud to bring cutting edge apparel from some of today's biggest and brightest bands. Whether it's the younger, rising generation of hardcore bands like Xibalba, Backtrack, and Powertrip, or the hottest names in pop punk / indie like The Wonder Years, Man Overboard, and The Story So Far, or even the iconic names of the underground like Merauder and Leeway, Cold Cuts is bringing their merchandise to the masses.  We have it all and are always looking to broaden our offerings with other genres as well as clothing lines from artists and brands.

Keep checking back as we continually add new products, partner with new artists and brands, and bring fresh content and updates to our blog section.

We are here working diligently to make sure you get your orders fast, as your orders and experience here are important to us.  Please make sure to pay attention to the pages and product descriptions, as we often do pre-orders for new items, and that may effect the shipment date of your package.

The team at Cold Cuts is filled with people who are in bands, attend shows often, and consume music on a daily basis.  In addition to running this store, Cold Cuts has an entire in-house team that does screen printing, embroidery, and poster printing.  We are located in Hatfield PA, just north of Philadelphia.  

We welcome you to our store and thank you for visiting.  Please check us out at all our social sites as well noted below.

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