Live Shot Charity

Cold Cuts Merch and Wass Photography have teamed up to help raise money for several charities. Each month we will release a series of two t-shirt designs. Each design will feature a live photo of a band shot by Wass Photography in or around Philadelphia. There will be a song lyric to accompany each photo. All profits from each monthly series will be donated to charity by Wass Photography, Cold Cut
s Merch, and the participating band. These t-shirts will only be offered for a limited time and will be exclusively sold at the Cold Cuts Merch online store. The band will help design, select photo, lyric & charity. We hope you like the idea & will help raise some money for these charities...

TWITTER -!/LiveShotCharity

T-Shirt Designed by Sean Mott for Cold Cuts Merch

Bane "Live Shot Charity" Shirt


Fury Of Five "Live Shot Charity" Shirt


Slapshot "Live Shot Charity" Shirt