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 Two excellent fests are going on in the next two weekends SOUND AND FURY (CA) and SUMMER OF HATE (OH).

Saturday July 14th in Cleaveland OH Summer of Hate will kick off with an awesome line up - 





NASTY (Europe)


NUMB (Japan)



SAND (Japan)





COPYKILL (europe)




Tickets for this fest can be purchased HERE . Make sure you stop by the CDC merch table to go say HI! to our founder and owner John Bowes (yeah, hes the guy with the giant beard and drum sticks). BUY SOME MERCH! SUPPORT THE BANDS!

The Weekend of July 20th kicks off Sound and Fury in Santa Barbara, Ca


Comeback Kid
Focused Minds
Ill Intent
Ivy League
The Mongoloids
New Brigade
Rotting Out
Sabertooth Zombie
Single Mothers
Suburban Scum
Take Offense
Touche Amore
Bent Life
Born Low
Earth Crisis
Friend or Foe
Holy Fever
Minority Unit
Night Birds
No Tolerance
Piece By Piece
The Wrongside
Alpha & Omega
The Beautiful Ones
Black Breath
Break Away
Dead End Path
Early Graves
Everything Went Black
Fire & Ice
Harms Way
Hour of the Wolf
Mountain Man
Rival Mob
Silver Snakes
Tough Luck
(hit full screen to watch video)
Tickets can be purchased HERE.



 This week Reign Supreme embarks on their "Bury The Sky" tour. They will be on tour from the 5th to the 18th all over New England and into Canada.

7/05 Williamsport PA – The Ground Floor
7/06 Newburgh, NY – Pub 151
7/07 Quebec City, QC – Cafe L’Agitée
7/08 Montreal, QC – Itamelodie
7/09 Gatineau, QC – CCSG
7/10 Toronto, ON – Parts & Labour
7/11 Toledo, OH – Frankies Inner City
7/12 Evansville, IN – The Hatch
7/13 Chicago, IL – The Viaduct
7/14 Cincinnati, OH – Shimmers Ballroom w/ Suffocate Faster
7/15 Erie, PA – Basement Transmission
7/16 Rochester, NY – The Bug Jar
7/17 Manchester, NH – Rocko’s
7/18 Trenton, NJ – Championship Bar 



 Daylight, Dead End Path, Soul Search, and  Basement will be on a tour together!  (first half of the tour is Sound & Fury with Dead End Path and Daylight, second half Basement and Soul Search join the tour) Go check them out!

July 6th Baltimore, MD @ Charm City Art Space**
July 7th Syracuse, NY @ The Wescot CC**
July 8th Ashtabula, OH @ West End Art Space**
July 9th Lansing, MI @ Macs Bar**
July 10th Indianapolis IN @ TBA*
July 11th Fort Wright, KY @ Shimmers Ballroom *
July 12th Nashville, TN @ Rocket Town*
July 13th Atlanta, GA @ The Wonderoot*
July 14th Metairie, LA TBA*
July 15th Houston, TX @ Walters*
July 16th Midland, TX @ The Pinebox*
July 17th El Paso, TX @ The Goat House*
July 18th Albuquerque, NM @ The Gasworks*
July 19th Mesa, AZ @ The Nile Underground*
July 20th SNF @ Sound and Fury
July 21st SNF @ Sound and Fury
July 22nd SNF @ Sound and Fury
July 23rd Las Vegas, NV @ East Side Joes
July 24th Pomona, CA @ Aladdin Jr’s
July 25th Santa Cruz, CA @ Pioneer
July 26th Sacramento, CA @ Branch Street
July 27th Reno, NV @ The Holland Project
July 28th Salt Lake City, UT @ Salt Lake Foursquare
July 29th Denver, CO @ The Blast O Mat
July 30th Oklahoma City, OK @ TBA
July 31st Dallas, TX @ 1919 Hemphill
August 1st Austin, TX @ The Mohawk
August 2nd Birmingham, AL @ The Firehouse
August 3rd Savannah, GA @ No Control
August 4th Tampa, FL @ Transitions Art Gallery
August 5th Pembroke Pines, FL @ The Talent Farm
August 6th Jacksonville, FL @ Buro Bar
August 7th Chapel Hill, NC @ Local 506 
August 8th Virginia Beach, VA @ Shaka’s
August 9th Allentown, PA @ Planet Trog (no DEP or Soul Search)

**with Daylight & In Between
* with Daylight

September and October pre-orders

 There has been a change in dates to both the Dead End Path "Polo Bears" shirts and Twitching Tongues "II" baseball shirts. Both pre-order dates have been pushed back to the 6th of October to match up with other products being printed.

Any questions about your order or to these products please email us at orders@coldcutsmerch.com

Mid September updates

So it’s been a little while since we’ve done an update but a lot of stuff has been going on at the shop and a lot of internal changes and upgrades have taken place.  We hope it’s been showing! With that said, here is a little bit about each of our additions.

-Hardcore Help Foundation (HHF) is a new addition to our store.  This is probably the greatest addition because it is for a fantastic cause. HHF raises money for different benefits and aide groups throughout the world. Check out their shirts; each purchase goes to a good cause. Visit their site to stay up on their projects. www.hardcore-help.com

-San Antonio's own Bitter End has been a driving force in hardcore for the past several years.  Being one of Texas' biggest heavyweights and backed by Deathwish Records, Bitter End has become a name almost everyone knows.  Two new shirts have been placed in our store and are ready for purchase. Make sure you see them on their next tour and hit the gym!

-Xibalba has a new record coming out on Southern Lord Records, slated for a January release.  They having been touring like crazy and gaining a ton of popularity. Check out their webstore for two new shirts and a beanie.

-California has another band that is on the rise, Twitching Tongues. They have just signed with I Scream Records and are going to be releasing a new record later this year called “Sleep Therapy.”  Also check out their new baseball jersey and shirts that are now available in the store.

-Dead End Path is one of Wilkes-Barre’s fastest growing bands. Their newest release on Triple B Records titled "Blind Faith" is doing extremely well and they have been hitting the road hard on some fairly high profile tours. Now they have a fresh new store here with us. Make sure to check out their merch, as some of it is limited, and go see them when they come near your town.

-We just beefed up the Expire store adding two new shirts, a crew neck and a beanie just in time for winter. Expire is currently taking a break from killing the road to write a new record. They will be recording in the next several months for their new album to be released on a record label that has not yet been named.  Keep your ears and eyes open for that.

-Doylestown’s Rock Bottom finally has a new design in the store. This band has been playing out in support of their release earlier this year on Harvcore Records titled “Your Demise”. Make sure to pick up the new record. Hail Satan.

-Full of Hell is one of the newest additions to A389 Records. With their new LP "Roots Of Earth Are Consuming My Home" and their recent touring, Full of Hell has been turning a lot of heads and making a name for themselves. We have now updated our store with three new shirts to pick from. Check out their new record and pick up a new shirt.

-We’ve added another design for Michigan’s very own Legend into the store. With their new album “The Pale Horse” out on Rise Records, they have been striving to take over the world. Expect more designs in the near future.

-One of the youngest bands in hardcore gaining popularity is another from Wilkes-Barre: United Youth. With their new record, “Something to Prove” coming out soon on Lockin’ Out Records and Back to Back Records, they will be a name everyone will know. Check out their two shirts and make sure to grab the record when it’s out.

-Thick as Blood is Miami’s most determined band in hardcore. After several years and several line up changes, this band is back on the road. We have added three new items into the store for you to check out.

-Two of Pennsylvania’s most prominent bands off Run For Cover Records, Title Fight and Tigers Jaw, each have a new design available in the store. If you haven’t heard either of these bands, do yourself a favor and do so. Check out the new designs as well.

-Fight Like Hell and Handguns both have leftovers up in the store. Pick them up because they will not be available for long!


That’s all for right now but you can expect several new items (and perhaps surprising additions) in the next week or so.

Thanks for reading this and keep checking back for updates and restocks! Don’t forget to follow us on twitter @coldcutsmerch and add us on facebook. www.facebook.com/coldcutsmerch