Tim Barry "The Roads To Richmond" Ultimate Vinyl Collector Edition Bundle Vinyl

Cold Cuts Exclusive Ultimate Vinyl Collector Edition (limited quantity)

One of each version of the first pressing including:
- Test press (black, no art/packaging)
- Retail version (silver)
- Chunksaah version (silver/black aside/bside)
- Artist version (silver/black galaxy)
- “Fest” version (silver with splatter)
- “RVA Release” version (Chunksaah version with neon splatter)

Track Listing:
1. Big Ships
2. Oklahoma City
3. Giving UP
4. Bent Creek
5. Raised and Grown
6. Fussin’ Over Fate
7. April’s Fool
8. Oh My Darling
9. Birmingham
10. Boxwine & Xanax
11. Coralee