Vola "Live From The Pool" 2x12" Vinyl


Hot on the heels of their hit 2021 album, 'Witness', Danish-Swedish quartet VOLA are back with their first live album featuring songs from their entire catalog. 'Live From The Pool' showcases a band hitting their stride as they masterfully blend futuristic progressive rock with electronica and modern metal, topped off with clear, beautiful vocal lines. "'Live From The Pool' is the biggest production we have ever made as a band," says vocalist/ guitarist Asger Mygind. "It was very exciting for us to work with such an extensive set-up. We filmed the entire concert ourselves in an abandoned indoor swimming pool with five cameras and a drone. The scenery lit up by a beautiful light installation, custom-made for this show by the Danish audio-visual artist collective Vertigo. We really loved doing the show and we are so happy and thankful that both our fans and our label wished to help transcend this one-time experience into a physical release so everyone can enjoy!"


  1. 24 Light-Years
  2. Alien Shivers
  3. Head Mounted Sideways
  4. Straight Lines
  5. Ruby Pool
  6. Owls
  7. These Black Claws
  8. Gutter Moon (October Session)
  9. Ghosts
  10. Smartfriend
  11. Whaler
  12. Inside Your Fur
  13. Stray The Skies