Vola "Witness" CD


Danish-Swedish quartet Vola are back with their third studio album Witness featuring their iconic blend of futuristic progressive rock electronica and modern metal topped off with clear beautiful vocal lines. Bringing on board Grammy award-nominated Jacob Hansen Volbeat Amaranthe Delain early on in the process with his hi-fi approach to mixing this inspired Vola to push their versatile capabilities into the direction of creating a very contemporary album and atmosphere. There is always an underlining cinematic aesthetic to Vola that explodes in front of you upon listening to them. But it then entices you deeper within the rabbit hole following their story further until you are taken in by its hold. Witness invites you on a journey that pursues characters being held witness to major changes in their lives.


  1. Straight Lines
  2. Head Mounted Sideways
  3. 24-Light Years
  4. These Black Claws
  5. Freak
  6. Napalm
  7. Future Bird
  8. Stone Leader Falling Down
  9. Inside Your Fur