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RESTOCK ROUNDUP: Drug Church, Ecostrike & More

We were busy partying it up in at Psycho Las Vegas last week, so we didn't get a shot to post about restocks, but we are back and ready to throw these at you - and we have a good amount of them too.  (Ignore our jetlag.)


"The slaughter and exploitation of the voiceless to take what we don't need must cease."  An excellent quote from the Ecostrike "Earth" shirt.  This killer reaper design returns on the Subzero "Reaper" hoodie, available in both grey and purple.  We dig the Drug Church "Proxy" shirt (among all their other prints) - this one's on a cool tar colored shirt.

We celebrate 20 years with the 7 Angels 7 Plagues "20th Anniversary" shirt.  Established all the way back on September 18th, 2001.  The Shattered Realm "Brass Knuckles" shirt honors this New Jersey based band, who don't consider themselves fully active these days, but you can catch at an occasional fest if you're really lucky.  Another band from nearby Jersey, The Early November's "College" crewneck returns just in time for the upcoming cooler months, helping to keep you perfectly cozy.


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