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RESTOCK ROUNDUP: Integrity, E. Town Concrete & More

We're back at it with another handful of restocks! Stay tuned to this blog so you can be alerted to what and when new items will be back in stock. We have plenty more products up our sleeve. (Ha... get it? ...)


Integrity is on our mind this week, so we've restocked the Integrity "Fang Logo" hoodie, with that oh-so-identifiable skull logo gracing the back. Don't forget to prepare for combat, with the E. Town Concrete "Mortal Kombat" shirt.  Forfeiting is for losers and you're a winner, so adorn your body with The Body "Forfeit" shirt - one of our favorite designs.

If you're in need of a hardcore breaker, than you're in luck.  We just restocked our Cruel Hand "Wolf Head" half zip breaker printed on black camo.  Make it an outfit by pairing it with the Mosh It Up "Wolf Mosh" shorts and nobody will look at you weird at all. (They're comfortable though and that's all that matters isn't it? Who wears short shorts? You could be!)  Finally, stick to your guns with the Stick To Your Guns "OCHC" hoodie, in those sweet, sweet summer colors.


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