Earth Crisis "Breed The Killers" 12" Vinyl + "BTK" Shirt Bundle


Earth Crisis "Breed The Killers" 25th Anniversary Reissue, Limited to 1000 copies worldwide
Embossed and foil stamped cover. Remastered with updated artwork.

Clear with Red/Black/Yellow splatter (Limited to 200 copies).


  1. End Begins
  2. Filthy Hands To Famished Mouths
  3. Breed The Killers
  4. Wither
  5. Ultramilitance
  6. Into The Fray
  7. One Against All
  8. Drug Related Homicide
  9. Overseers
  10. Death Rate Solution
  11. Unvanquished
  12. Ecocide

2"x0.5" enamel pin.
Shirt printed on black American Apparel 1301, formerly Alstyle