Sticks and Stones "Nineteen Eighty Seven" 12"

One-sided 12" EP backed with an engraving of the classic 80's-90's New Jersey Hardcore band's iconic logo, is the first time ever release of the group's original 6 song Demo.  Showing surprising maturity and musicianship for a gang of 17 year olds and their adopted 21 year old singer, "1987" features members who would go on to be dead, missing, playing in the popular World/Inferno Friendship Society, cutting their teeth, bloodying their knuckles and sharpening their minds on outrage barely contained by melody.  At the time compared to Stiff Little Fingers, "1987" was recorded at the then fledgling Trax East Studios, and gained the band a contract to 7Seconds' Positive Force label that  helped kick start the legendarily fecund New Brunswick, NJ punk scene.  Honest, intelligent, angry Punk Rock from Ronald Reagan's Amerika.  Hello!

  1. Contempt
  2. Still
  3. Thanks For The Cash
  4. Society's Pressure
  5. Common Cause
  6. Along The Way

Pressing Info:
500pcs on Black Vinyl 
500pcs on White Vinyl