Gleemer "Down Through" 12" Vinyl


Released in 2020 through Other People Records, Gleemer's "Down Through" reaches new dynamic heights with their shoegaze-influenced sound. Vocalist and guitarist Corey Coffman, a successful producer and engineer in his own right, collaborated with Will Yip (Turnover, Code Orange, Turnstile) to hone the delicate balance between fuzz-drenched catharsis and somber atmospherics that defines Gleemer’s music, bringing Coffman’s melodies to the forefront along with Yip’s signature powerhouse drums. The result is an album that dials up the weight of Gleemer’s sound without sacrificing its essential dream-like qualities. This album is worth a spot in your vinyl collection.


  1. Brush Back
  2. TTX
  3. Leadings On
  4. Take
  5. Worth
  6. Spread Out
  7. Casino
  8. Held
  9. Down Through