Various Artists "New York City Hardcore: The Way It Is" 12" Vinyl


The V/A "New York City Hardcore: The Way It Is" full-length is considered by many to be a classic, documenting NYHC as it was in 1988. More than just a straight-edge collection, it compiled bands from all facets of the hardcore scene including Bold, Nausea, Warzone, Gorilla Biscuits, Trip 6, Breakdown, Youth Of Today, Sick Of It All, Krakdown, Side By Side, Youth Defense League, and Supertouch. Comparable to Boston's "This Is Boston Not LA" or Washington, DC's "Flex Your Head," "New York City Hardcore: The Way It Is" helped push New York to the forefront of the American hardcore scene.


  1. Bold - Wise Up
  2. Nausea - Fallout Of Our Being
  3. Warzone - As One
  4. Warzone - Escape From Your Society
  5. Gorilla Biscuits - Better Than You
  6. Gorilla Biscuits - Forgotten
  7. Trip 6 - Back With A Vengeance
  8. Breakdown - Sick People
  9. Youth Of Today - Together
  10. Youth Of Today - Understand
  11. Sick Of It All - Politics
  12. Sick Of It All - Pete's Sake
  13. Krakdown - Ignorance
  14. Side By Side - Dead Serious
  15. Side By Side - Time Is Now
  16. Youth Defense League - Blue Pride
  17. Supertouch - Searchin' For The Light