All "Problematic" 12" Vinyl


The ninth release from the original high octane pop punkers, Problematic furthers the ALL vision by innovating the genre they helped create. ("Go for ALL") Caffinated, sharp-witted lyrics over tight, highly memorable riffs and choruses continue to set them ahead of the pack from others who have followed in their footsteps. Features 18 classic romantic-angst ridden tunes that will be certain to please fans ALL over the world.


  1. Carry You
  2. She Broke My Dick
  3. Better Than That
  4. www.sara
  5. ROIR
  6. What Are You For?
  7. Stupid Kind Of Love
  8. Alive
  9. Real People
  10. Lock 'Em Away
  11. Teresa
  12. I Want Out
  13. Crucifiction
  14. The Skin
  15. Nothin' To Live For
  16. Never Took
  17. Make Believe
  18. Drive Away