Crow Killer "Enslaved To One" Cassette

With an EP out after only three shows (including playing the annual For The Children Fest in Los Angeles), Crow Killer has not looked back or slowed down. With emotionally charged, downtuning "stompcore" and scathing to growly vocals, Crow Killer wants to send chills up and down your spine. With lyrics ranging from personal struggles with depression to fighting those that seek to hold you down, Crow Killer is positioning themselves to be a voice championing hardcore underdogs.

  1. Castigate
  2. It Comes In Waves
  3. Enslaved To One
  4. Hang Tight
  5. Contrite
  6. Stand And Suffer
  7. Fight Back
  8. Bring Back The Blood I
  9. Bring Back The Blood II
  10. Close Grip