Gregory Attonito "Natural Disaster" 10" Vinyl

"Natural Disaster" is Gregory Attonito's first solo release after 22 years of recording and touring with his band The Bouncing Souls. His first solo effort is an exercise in simplicity. These songs capture an intangible combination of spirits old and new-they're wistful, intimate, plaintive. A waking dream of the most genuine kind, because Greg is a dreamer of the highest order.

Vinyl includes Digital Download Card!

  1. How Many Songs
  2. Volcano
  3. Cincinnati Dream
  4. Sexiest Girl
  5. Eyes
  6. Teardrops

Pressing Info:
500pcs Aside/Bside - Aqua Blue / Electric Blue w/ Splatter (Chunksaah Mailorder)
500pcs Aside/Bside - Oxblood / Blood Red w/ Splatter (Retail)
250pcs Highlighter Yellow w/ Red and Orange Haze (Tour)