Length Of Time "Let The World With The Sun Go Down" 12" Vinyl


This is an import.

Picture Disc Featuring: the 5 tracks from the cd-version PLUS the entire 7 track first demo, remastered!

Length Of Time were one of the originators of the metalcore genre and no doubt some of your current favorite bands drew inspiration from them directly or took inspiration from bands that were inspired by them giving them a status that few European bands can lay claim to. If you missed them the first time round now is your chance to join the legion of a band that has seen it all, done it all, talked the talk and walked the walk. "Let The World With The Sun Go Down" isn't a comeback, because Length Of Time have never really left many of our heads or hearts, it's just 6 new brutal songs that you will want to play on repeat whilst reaching for their other classic records.

Track list

  1. Until The Blast
  2. Grounded In Lies
  3. Maleficious World
  4. Misery And Confusion
  5. War Martyrised World
  6. Intro
  7. Touched By Death
  8. Revenge For
  9. Short Timer
  10. Unavoidable Changes
  11. Better Evil
  12. We Choose The Violent Way