Most Precious Blood "Do Not Resuscitate" CD

Sometime toward the end of 2006, Most Precious Blood vanished. Word eventually spread that Most Precious Blood had begun work on a new album. Let's be honest: a band like Most Precious Blood doesn't name their record "Do Not Resuscitate" unless they've got nothing left to lose - and this is when a band is at their best - when they have nothing to prove and they don't owe anything to anyone.

  1. A Danger To Myself And Others
  2. Shut The Fuck Up, Jailbreak
  3. Meth Miles
  4. Blame It On Altered Beast
  5. Stuart Is A Dead Man Walking
  6. Upstate Ghost
  7. Enthusiastic Eugenicist
  8. Functional Autist
  9. Graveyard Postcards
  10. Of Scattered Ants That Swarm Together
  11. Animal Mother
  12. Do Not Resuscitate