Noisy Act Of Protest "Hard To Deny" CD


If you like your hardcore fast and polished with Minor Threat/Circle Jerk's punk parts, Noisy Acy Of Protest is begging for your listen.

Expect Noisy Acy Of Protest's "Hard To Deny" to blow you away with its sheer fury of pummelling riffs and pounding rhythms. Noisy Acy Of Protest create their version of modern old school Hardcore which will leave you inspired by the sonic blitz.


  1. Spitting Image
  2. Four Walls Fall Down
  3. The Long Run
  4. Eyes Wide Shut
  5. Undecided
  6. Bound
  7. Hard To Deny
  8. 3D
  9. The Drone
  10. Nasty
  11. Friends Like These
  12. Won't Conform
  13. Insecure
  14. Own Way
  15. Newconomy
  16. And Now, What Now