Racetraitor/Burn It Down "Make Them Talk" CD

Stirring up controversy is what each of these guys do second best. But the best thing they do is write intense political hardcore in the Midwest style we've all come to love. Each band offers three new songs each, which turns into a Chicago vs. Indianapolis deathmatch of who can funish the most vicious attack on your senses. Racetraitor has gotten phenomenally more angry and aggressive, while Burn It Down has acheived a more polished and dynamic sound. Lyrically, RT and BID are scores above most hardcore/metal bands of today with their political and spiritual approach. Very different, very intense.

  1. Racetraitor - Islands To Burn
  2. Racetraitor - Stolen Footsteps
  3. Racetraitor - Hope Kills Fear
  4. Burn It Down - Success Is The Best Revenge
  5. Burn It Down - The Cowards Trance
  6. Burn It Down - Every Man's Got A Devil