Signs of the Swarm "Vital Deprivation" 12" Vinyl


Vital Deprivation is the sophomore album from US deathcore titans Signs of the Swarm featuring new vocalist David John Simonich. "From the beginning we had a sound in mind that was more aggressive and fast paced, but equally as brutal as our previous releases," says the band. "What makes this album different from our past is that we wrote with pleasing ourselves in mind first and foremost. We've covered a lot of ground in just under 40 minutes. Some of the album may be what you expect to hear from us, and hopefully some may not. David Simonich is a powerhouse of a vocalist bringing a whole new range of motion to the band's spectrum. His lyrical content and cadence bring a more emotional and poetic energy to Signs while retaining the aggression he's become known for. We'd like to thank Carson Slovak & Grant McFarland for helping us to shape this album into a coherent message from beginning to end."


  1. Vital Deprivation
  2. Tempting Death (feat. Tom Barber)
  3. Celestial Ascendance
  4. Malformed Dissonance
  5. Lost Within Reflection
  6. The Blood
  7. Crown Of Nails
  8. Undying Fidelity
  9. Inevitable Afflication
  10. Malevolent Enslavement
  11. Martyr Unto Dust