The Get Up Kids "Four Minute Mile" 12" Vinyl


1997 release, the debut album by the Kansas City, Missouri EMO/punk band. The album was recorded in April 1997 on a budget of $4, 000. It was produced by Shellac bassist Bob Weston in Chicago over the course of two and a half days. The album was released by Doghouse Records on September 30, 1997. Four Minute Mile was well-received, if not a major commercial success. The album helped the band develop a national fanbase, as well as garnering a bidding war over the band from several major labels, including Geffen Records, Sub Pop Records and Mojo Records. The band ended up signing with Mojo.


  1. Coming Clean
  2. Don't Hate Me
  3. Fall Semester
  4. Stay Gold, Ponyboy
  5. Lowercase West Thomas
  6. Washington Square Park
  7. Last Place You Look
  8. Better Half
  9. No Love
  10. Shorty
  11. Michelle with One "L"