The Great Explainer "The Way Things Swell" 10" Vinyl

Formed in 2008, The Great Explainer has risen to prominence among New Jersey’s underground music scene.  Smearing the lines between punk, hardcore and indie, The Great Explainer offers a progressive alternative to the typical punk rock fare.  Look forward to dual contrasting vocals, complex yet aggressive guitar work and a powerfully locked in rhythm section.

Recorded, mixed and produced by Pete Steinkopf (The Bouncing Souls).

For Fans Of: Hot Water Music, Latterman, and Small Brown Bike

  1. Quotas
  2. I Finally Found My Dreamboat
  3. Codeine...Bourbon
  4. Michael Jordan 666

Available in Colored Vinyl
"Lemon Lime" Vinyl [250pcs]
"Coke Bottle Blue" Vinyl [300pcs]