Think I Care "Singles Collection" 12" Vinyl

Think I Care were a band that existed in the first half of the aughts in Massachusetts, and available on this lp for the first time since 2002 are their two earliest 7" releases, plus an unreleased song and a stray comp track from that era - remastered for maximum destruction. During 2000-2002 TIC canvased the USA on the back of these 2 7"s, hitting every shithole basement and VFW that would have them. While their later work was known for a midpaced NYHC style, this era of the band was heavily indebted to Infest, DYS, Dropdead, and Siege, or if you're a New England townie local: Hatchetface, Intent to Injure, and Paindriver. Members of TIC also did time in Fit For Abuse, New Lows, Prisoner Abuse, Dead Black, Vaccine, and many more.

  1. Draw The Line
  2. Stay Home
  3. First Things First
  4. Think I Care
  5. Persist
  6. No Turning Back
  7. Quick To Quit
  8. Where's The Courtesy
  9. Without
  10. Trapped
  11. Phase
  12. Belong
  13. Burn
  14. Force Fed
  15. Different Face
  16. Toy Town Crew
  17. Doubt It
  18. How's It Feel?
  19. Get It Away
  20. Mothafuck Yourself