Through the Eyes of the Dead "Skepsis" CD


2010 release by one of the groups that pioneered the heavy and abrasive mixture of Metal and Hardcore that has come to be known as Deathcore. Unike 2007's Malice, which was produced by Hate Eternal main man Erik Rutan, TTEOTD self-produced Skepsis, the group's first album with new vocalist Danny Rodriguez and guitarist Chris 'Hank' Henckle, at Gellar Cellar Studios in New York. The end results in unquestionably the heaviest and most personal TTEOTD record yet. Whereas opt for a more 'mature' or melodic sound as time passes, TTEOTD has done the complete opposite, as brutality, speed and aggression are the new dictators here.


  1. Parasite Throne
  2. Dementia
  3. No Haven
  4. Perpetual Defilement
  5. Inherit Obscurity
  6. The Manifest
  7. Defaced Reality
  8. Siphonaptera From Within
  9. Insomnium
  10. Skepsis