Tim Barry "Laurel St. Demo & Munford Elementary" 12" Vinyl

This is a re-issue of TIM BARRY’s first solo career recordings. These are the raw sketches of songs that have become fan favorite sing-alongs, where you can first discern his now signature style. It also includes the live recording of Tim singing with the children of the Munford Elementary School in Richmond Virginia. This includes 2 WOODY GUTHRIE songs and is quite in the style and feel of Guthrie’s recordings for children.

  1. Idle Idylist
  2. Sorrow Floats
  3. Gumshoe Andy
  4. No News from North
  5. Ain't Right Sure
  6. Sagacity Gone
  7. Church of Level Track
  8. Carolina's RV
  9. Hey Lolly
  10. Shoulda Oughta (Munford Style)
  11. This Land is Your Land

Vinyl Pressing Info:
1st Pressing:
200 - Color-in-Color / Swamp Green in Bone White
100 - Bone White w/ Swamp Green Splatter
200 - Black Vinyl
2nd Pressing:
250 - Swamp Green
250 - Bone White