Tim Barry "Rivanna Junction" CD

With his first full length album, "Rivanna Junction," Tim Barry arrived with such presence and confidence in his craft it was clear he was a man steeped in the tradition of folk and country music. Tim would joke that he's "just another old guy that used to be in a punk band that now plays an acoustic guitar," but those of us that have heard the records he's made, or seen one of the many shows he's played over the years know there's a lot more to the story than that. This record is ten honest portraits of melancholy, anger, joy, redemption and more than anything, the pursuit of a life worth living. All of the vigor and vitriol of his days as the singer in hardcore/punk band Avail are evident here, but this isn't your average "folk punk" record, because, well, Tim Barry isn't the kind of guy that writes your average song.

Recorded over the course of two weeks with his buddy Lance Koehler, "Rivanna Junction" is a mostly acoustic guitar and voice driven affair, but does include inspired contributions from brother James Barry (piano) and sister Caitlin Barry (violin), local Richmond bluegrass musician Billy Lux (bass), as well friends Josh Small (vocals, acoustic and electric guitar and dobro) and Lance Koehler (drums). Some tracks chug along with a rousing campfire singalong vibe, while others slow burn and sizzle with emotional intensity, but all of them beg to stay with you and invite you to sing along. Re-issued by Chunksaah Records with revamped artwork on CD in digipack form, or LP on embossed reverse-board with special colored vinyl, now is the perfect time to pick this seminal record up if you've slacked on it thus far.

  1. Trash Inspirations
  2. Avoiding Catatonic Surrender
  3. Dog Bumped
  4. Church of Level Track
  5. Exit Wounds
  6. Cardinal In Red Bed
  7. Shoulda Oughta
  8. Steel Road
  9. C'mon Quinn
  10. Wait at Milano