Various Artists "...Before Metal Was Cool" 2x12" Vinyl

For fans of metal and hardcore alike, this compilation will bridge the gap between old-school metal/hardcore fans and the new fans of today. This collection is a perfect way to see where a large cross-section of today's bands get their influences, along with turning a new generation on to the older, aggressive leaders of an underground movement and culture. For fans of Terror, Hatebreed and Twitching Tongues. 

  1. Downpresser - Domination
  2. Lowered A.D. - Stranger Aeons
  3. King Nine - Kill Yourself
  4. Stigmata - A Lesson In Violence
  5. Mizery - Surprise, You're Dead
  6. Born Low - Dead Embryonic Cells
  7. Lowered A.D. - Seven Faces
  8. Downpresser - Cadence Of The Dirge
  9. Disgrace - Desperate Cry
  10. Mizery - Fire
  11. King Nine - Read Between The Lines
  12. Born Low - For Whom The Bell Tolls
  13. Stigmata - Procreation Of The Wicked