Wristmeetrazor "Replica Of A Strange Love" 12" Vinyl


The chaotic, metalcore throwback style of WRISTMEETRAZOR is something you can't help but feel an affinity for. First dangled in front of us on 2019's Misery Never Forgets, the four piece have morphed into something grander


  1. Our Distress Entwined
  2. Last Tango in Paris
  3. Sycophant
  4. Nietzsche Is Dead
  5. Love’s Labor’s Lost
  6. Anemic (The Same Six Words)
  7. Eyes of Sulfide
  8. Dies Iræ
  9. 99 & 44/100
  10. A Fractured Dovetail Romance
  11. This Summers Sorrow II: Growing Old in The Waiting Place
  12. All The Way Alive