Cold Hard Truth "Intimidation" CD


Intimidation is an effort that is both vocally daunting and instrumentally bold with just the right amount of face-punching beatdown riffs and growling hostility to keep hardcore-oriented listeners around for its half hour or so running time. It's still got those familiar tones of the band's previous work and, while it's nothing we haven't heard prior, it's still a welcome continuation of a beloved, if brazen sound. Let's put it this way, if you liked the last two, then you'll surely enjoy this one just the same.


  1. Gamechanger
  2. Intimidation
  3. Silver Or Lead (feat. Tito Fury)
  4. Line Of Fire
  5. Murder Capital (feat. Andrew Revulsion)
  6. Heartcheck
  7. Ballad Of Lost Souls
  8. Silence And Gunsmoke (feat. Joey SKC)
  9. I Know Where You Live
  10. Boston Knife Attack
  11. Fenside Limepit