Urban Styles "Graffiti In New York Hardcore (Third Edition)" Book


Urban Styles: Graffiti in New York Hardcore is the first book from author/historian Freddy Alva. Urban Styles is a chronicle of the intersection of graffiti art and the NYHC scene of the 80s and 90s. Over 370 pages with many full-color photos and 40 interviews with legendary writers and artists like Mackie Jayson, REVS, MQ, Lukie Luke, LORD EZEC, STAK TFP, Chaka Malik, SANE SMITH and many more.


New Breed Black Book is a 44-page zine featuring tributes by Graffiti Artists/Visual Artists to the New Breed Compilation Tape from 1989.

Essays by Chris In Effect, Becky McAuley, JoJo Outburst

Black Book art by: MQ, Chris RWK, Chaka Malik, KEN ONE, Mackie Blitz, FCEE, GALLO, Djinji Brown, WOE, Drug Dogs, BUSKE, Tatu Paul, SHOE X-MEN, ELI, AWE, JERE, Keith JIVE, Liz Romano, POCH, PHECK, MESK Kyle Style, CORE 2, NEMO, Chris Beee, RIE. Lewis Dimmick, INK KDM, Monserrate, HYENA, Andy Fletcher, MAYO, Mark Gilson, Hand Selecta.

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