Ten Ton Hammer "New Failures" Cassette


Ten Ton Hammer is a blistering hardcore unit formed in 2014 in Philadelphia. The city operates as more than an origin; It's an integral piece of the rhythmic and chaotic sound pioneered by area legends like Turmoil and Starkweather. Ten Ton Hammer combines this style with 90's metal, a strong dose of New England hardcore, and a lyrical approach focusing on depression and self-analysis to form a unique voice. The band's four releases drip with these influences, particularly their 2016 EP "Always Empty" from Harvcore records. After briefly disbanding, the wild events and haze of existential dread stemming from 2020 seem to demand a return from the group. Despite now being spread across the US, Ten Ton Hammer was able to craft "New Failures", a new EP from Knife Hits that shows the band more focused and aggressive than ever.


  1. Weak
  2. New Failures
  3. Fatal Flaw
  4. In View
  5. Burn My Body