Tigers Jaw "Two Worlds" 12" Vinyl


Aptly titled "Two Worlds," Tigers Jaw's sophomore full-length released by Run For Cover draws on the strengths of the band's raw, minimalist atmospheres and driving grunge-rock rhythms, funneling them into a catchy, brooding and brilliantly focused album. Sounding as confident as ever in abandoning dependence on traditional pop structures, songs ebb and flow naturally as the band explores fresh tones and textures. Firmly planted in their own niche of the 90s era Midwestern emo sound, "Two Worlds" probes Superchunk's indie-punk stylings, Weezer's discordant pop moments and the far edges of Kurt Cobain's brain while managing to sound almost nothing like those groups. At its core, "Two Worlds" is a Tigers Jaw album through and through. It evokes many moods the band is known for, but adds a depth that will leave listeners discovering new reasons to love them with each new listen.


  1. Return
  2. Coil/Recoil
  3. Smile
  4. Two Worlds
  5. Let Go/Trashed Floors
  6. Test Pattern
  7. Windmills
  8. I Saw The Wolf
  9. Buona Pizza
  10. Static
  11. Tank You, Noah Lowry