Torture Love "They Came Crawling" 12" Vinyl

Post punk. Angular pop. Darker new wave. Experimental goth. Whatever you may call it, Torture Love have been writing great songs that fall somewhere withinin those realms since 2012, including the release of two killer cassette demos. Their debut LP is the result of those years of toil and trial, some sonic refinement, and the influence of their musically-rich hometown of Chicago. At times somber and grey, and at others driving and destructive, all in all it's pretty hard not to dance while you're listening to this record. Mastered by Mikey Young of Total Control, Eddy Current Suppression Ring. Includes a download code. For fans of Joy Division, Total Control, Death of Lovers, Depeche Mode, Cold Cave

  1. Glass Memory
  2. The Big Hand
  3. A Drone With A Lifestyle
  4. Safe Skin
  5. Deb Taylor
  6. I.V.
  7. U.V.
  8. Infinite Prison
  9. They Came Crawling