Basement "Beside Myself" CD


Basement is very near and dear to Cold Cuts. We've been working with them for almost a decade now and it's been incredible to see the progress they've made along the way. They went from playing VFWs and bars to stadiums. "Beside Myself" is their fourth studio album, which was co-produced by both the band and Colin Brittain (Dashboard Confessional, Avicii, Papa Roach - among others!) and mixed by the renowned Rich Costey (Muse, Foster The People, Foo Fighters). If this isn't in your collection already, we suggest you get it! The vinyl is a deluxe gatefold and includes digital download.


  1. Disconnect
  2. Be Here Now
  3. Nothing Left
  4. Ultraviolet
  5. Keepsake
  6. Changing Lanes
  7. Stigmata
  8. Newcoast
  9. Just a Life
  10. Slip Away
  11. Reason For Breathing
  12. Right Here
  13. Hidden Track