Becky McAuley "Lost Indignation" Book

Lost Indignation is the story of Mo McGraw—who is never doing what she’s supposed to be doing—and her hunt for a rare demo tape. In 1988, a group of teenagers from Yonkers form a band called Indignation and record a demo, hoping it will propel them to prominence in the New York hardcore scene. Instead, their dreams quickly unravel and the recording is lost to obscurity. Nearly three decades later, Mo’s interest in the recording is piqued by a mysterious stranger on a message board. As Mo is drawn deeper into the story of the Indignation, she realizes she’s on the verge of uncovering far more than a missing tape.

Lost Indignation, the debut novel by Becky McAuley, is a sprawling, original tale that transcends its vivid setting and musical minutiae. Through overlapping eras and narrators, it explores the concepts of friendship and rivalry, memory and music, the hunt for truth, and whose truth it is to tell.

“Lost Indignation is worth reading because of Becky’s truly original voice and singular web of reference points. But if for some reason that isn’t enough, it’s also a rousing and fun mystery.”
–AJ McGuire, author of Gratitude fanzine

“Lost Indignation is a book filled with horror, humor, and hardcore, but the thing that makes this debut unique is the fact that it’s filled with so much humanity. The characters that fill the pages of this novel are both curious and complicated, and the story they tell is one that resonates well beyond the tape trading pages of an obscure out-of-print zine. McAuley has successfully written a page-turner that also allows room for contemplation.”
–Ned Russin, Title Fight, Glitterer, author of Horizontal Rust

“Lost Indignation’s detail—all correct—of opposed eras of a miniature music scene are startling, and consequently the first time these things have made it into fiction. It’s a real, alive novel: charming, with a real sense of place and vibrant, frustrating characters. There is no book like this out there; there is no one who sees things like McAuley. We’re lucky this exists, and there needs to be more.”
–Sami Reiss, SNAKE

5.5" x 8.5"
360 pages, perfect bound
ISBN 978-1-7364991-1-5