Before I Had Wings "Life Has Left Us Cold" CD


Back in 2009 Western-Massachusetts´ BEFORE I HAD WINGS starts destroying stages back and forth the East Coast, therefore "Life has left us cold" seems to be one the most eagerly awaited heavy Hardcore releases in 2017. The band is mainly influenced by the heavy Hardcore sound of early Y2K´s with bands like 100 DEMONS, SHATTERED REALM or MISURA and blend this style with a modern Beatdown vibe along the lines of VOW OF HATRED, LINE OF SCRIMMAGE and WORLD OF PAIN. Guest vocals on "Visions of brutality" by Matt HOMETOWN HATE and on "Life has left us cold" by Gerado BODYBAG.


  1. Prelude 
  2. Bad Terms 
  3. Pariah 
  4. Land Of Snakes
  5. American Tyranny 
  6. Sleep 
  7. Visions Of Brutality
  8. Life Has Left Us Cold
  9. Culling Sun 
  10. BIHW