Better Than A Thousand "Just One" 12" Vinyl


This is an import

Nineteen nighty-seven was the year in which hardcore rediscovered itself. When the legends Better Than A Thousand released their milestone "Just One" back then, it was the sole starting point for the resurgence of the youth-crew and straight-edge movements. More than 20 years later, the band members release reissues of both "Just One" and its successor "Value Driven" together with End Hits Records, giving fans the chance to experience these immortal records in a completely new splendor.


  1. Live Today
  2. It Never Rains
  3. Just One
  4. Motivation
  5. We Spoke Our Minds
  6. Nightclub
  7. You Were The One
  8. Alternative Nation
  9. When Seasons Change
  10. Is It Education...?
  11. Apology
  12. Sunshine