Blind Justice "No Matter the Cost" 12" Vinyl

Blind Justice presents their long-awaited second album, "No Matter The Cost," a bruising, high-energy attack, every track worn deep with massive grooves and loaded with explosive hooks and breakdowns. Unloading ten new tracks in barely over 19 minutes, the album lifts the listener by the throat from the opening riff and doesn't let go until the album's crushing closer. The record was recorded, mixed, and mastered at The Wild Arctic in Portsmouth, NH, by Dean Baltulonis (Sick Of It All, Trapped Under Ice, Agnostic Front, Madball), completed with art/design by Eric Esposito and photography by Sophia Juliette. LP includes digital download. This is the yellow vinyl version limited to 300 copies.

  1. Cast You Out
  2. My Will
  3. Think I Care
  4. Day By Day
  5. Not For You
  6. Never Enough
  7. Burn You Down
  8. No Matter The Cost
  9. Closed Off
  10. Lessons Learned