Blistered "The Poison of Self Confinement" CD

Following their critically acclaimed "Soul Erosion" EP and extensive touring, Blistered began plotting what would become their first proper full-length. Entitled "The Poison Of Self Confinement" and masterfully recorded by Kevin Bernsten (Red Death, Noisem, Pulling Teeth, Mindset), the album demonstrates an even more honed songwriting prowess. The result is an album that lives up to the band's moniker, delivering breakneck, metal-infused riffage matched with pummeling breakdowns
  1. Path of the Coward
  2. Caustic Promise
  3. The Poison of Self Confinement
  4. Illusion of Destiny
  5. Lash
  6. Lust for Vengeance
  7. Kingdom of Traitors
  8. Memories to Burn
  9. Into the Dying Light
  10. Death at Heaven's Doorstep