Blood For Betrayal "Restrained" CD


Five years after the debut full-length "Trust Loyalty Respect" the four-piece BLOOD FOR BETRAYAL from South-Germany strikes back with their long awaited new record entitled "Restrained". Their heavy Beatdown influenced Hip Hop flavored Hardcore from the early days evolved to a mature much more darker and aggressive sound including great songwriting and angry pissed off vocals. Those ten new tracks are the perfect blend of bands like NASTY, NO ZODIAC, RINGWORM, XIBALBA and ENEMY MIND. Dark metallic Hardcore with a strong Beatdown touch.

Guest-vocals by Andi HARLEKIN.


  1. Watch Me Sink
  2. Stepping Stones
  3. Submerged
  4. Hellfire
  5. Rusted
  6. Shallow Water
  7. End This Life
  8. Constant Struggle
  9. Restrained
  10. Blight Town