Brand New "I Am A Nightmare" 12" Vinyl


Following the recording of Daisy, the band felt they were at the end of the road musically, then after discovering inspiration in an older track from around 2006 ("Mene" released in 2015), the band found a new direction. "I Am A Nightmare" takes its sound back to the band's punk-pop roots with catchy lyrics and more melodic writing. This is also a peak of what's to come with Brand New's forthcoming 5th "internet breaking" album. Single sided 12" pressing with etched lyrics on the B-side. Artwork from the homies Morning Breath!

Unlimited pressing with B-side lyric etching housed in an embossed/die cut sleeve. Cover has alternate artwork hidden under a sticker. Includes card for digital download in mp3 format.


  1. I Am A Nightmare