CDC "End" 12" Vinyl


This first CDC release in five years is worth the wait! The Pennsylvania based band offers a bolt-tight, extra-chunky style of hardcore reminiscent of bands like Hatebreed and Merauder and its stripped down assault is down right striking. Pummeling riffs set just the right stage for Brooke Schwartz’s frontmanship, which is an ace combination of a punk snarl and hip-hop flow. This record is available in multiple variants - black, yellow and purple - so grab hold of "End" out on GTR Records today!

  1. End 
  2. Degeneration 
  3. Dying Legend 
  4. Eyes and Teeth 
  5. Temple


Black (100 EXCLUSIVE preorder copies with screenprinted B-side): 320
Yellow/Orange: 308

Purple/Burgundy: 411