Code Orange "Forever" 12" Vinyl


The follow up album to 2014's breakthrough "I Am King" is heralded by the LP's title track "Forever" and accompanying official music video which are streaming via Rolling Stone who exclaim, ""Forever" captures some of the most punishing noise the band has recorded to date, featuring songs rife with sudden transitions to still-harsher textures." Code Orange drummer and co-vocalist Jami Morgan detailed the band's new LP in an exclusive interview with Rolling Stone stating, "Everywhere we've turned, we've met a lot of 'You're not this enough for this, or that enough for that, "Forever" opens it up by saying, 'F*ck you, we're here. We're gonna do whatever the f*ck we wanna do and there are no rules.'" Recorded with producers Will Yip at Studio 4 in Conshohocken, PA and Kurt Ballou at GodCity Studios in Salem, MA, "Forever" is a jarring and experimental body of work, pushing the envelope with songs like; "Bleeding In The Blur," "Kill The Creator," and "Spy." Comprised of Jami Morgan (drums and vocals), Eric Balderose (guitar and vocals), Reba Meyers (guitar and vocals) and Joe Goldman (bass), Code Orange has gripped listeners and press around the globe with their visionary compositions and aggressive power. In September of 2014 with Code Orange approaching their 20's, the band officially dropped "Kids" from their name to release their landmark second LP, "I Am King," which Pitchfork asserted as "The most forward-thinking post-hardcore record of 2014." Crashing through the confines of genre limitations, Code Orange proved that their power lies in their fearlessness and audacity which has placed them at the front of the pack.


  1. Forever
  2. Kill the Creator
  3. Real
  4. Bleeding in the Blur
  5. The Mud
  6. The New Reality
  7. Spy
  8. Ugly
  9. No One Is Untouchable
  10. Hurt Goes On
  11. dream2