Constant Fear "Dronekill" 12" Vinyl


Longtime Knife Fight mastermind Jon Westbrook emerges with his latest creation with the help of 3/4 of Dry-Rot. A 15-song lp comparable musically to Final Conflict, early C.O.C., or False Liberty, Constant Fear play a pure strain of meat and potatoes USHC that ran thick in their Southern California locale throughout the 1980's. The vocal attack is burlier than that might suggest, almost in line with the first Infest lp or Trip 6. Split release with Video Disease Records.


  1. Just In Time
  2. Manpower
  3. Waterboarding
  4. I Will Haunt You Forever
  5. Bow To Your Flag
  6. Constant Fear
  7. Wanting
  8. TVF
  9. Dronekill
  10. Mark Of The Beast
  11. Swine 69 vv 12. Medieval
  12. Going Blind
  13. Pick Your Posion