Converge & Hellchild "Deeper The Wound" CD


Aggressive music pioneers Converge and Japanese legends Hellchild bring us the split of epic proportions, "Deeper The Wound". Converge start it off with "Thaw", a song rich with technical precision, bits of melody, and doses of hyperactive percussion. Also included is their version of Depeche Mode's "Clean, and three live tracks that bring their legendary energy to life. Hellchild then rage into a rabid frenzy with four songs produced by the legendary Billy Anderson (Mr. Bungle, Neurosis). Their material showcases their intense energy and heaviness. Also included is their version of "Insurrection of the Living Damned" originally by Bulldozer.


  1. Thaw 
  2. Clean (Depeche Mode Cover) 
  3. Conduit (Live) 
  4. Shallow Breathing (Live)
  5. Locust Reign (Live) 
  6. Hellchild - I
  7. Hellchild - Insurrection Of The Living Damned
  8. Hellchild - In This Freezing Night (Live) 
  9. Hellchild - Without Any Answer (Live)