Cryptopsy "Blasphemy Made Flesh" 12" Vinyl


Cryptopsy's path to death-metal domination started 25 years ago with "Blasphemy Made Flesh." "Blasphemy Made Flesh" shows us an embryonic Cryptopsy that is inexperienced at killing, yet still an able killer, and one that frequently rears its head into its maturity that we later called "None So Vile." Recommended if you like Suffocation, Cannibal Corpse, Deeds Of Flesh, Origin, and Devourment.


  1. Defenestration
  2. Abigor
  3. Open Face Surgery
  4. Serial Messiah
  5. Born Headless
  6. Swine Of The Cross
  7. Gravaged (A Crytopsy)
  8. Memories Of Blood
  9. Mutant Christ
  10. Pathological Frolic

Jacket may have some damage