D.R.I. "Dirty Rotten EP" 7" Vinyl


U.S. seven inch vinyl pressing of this legendary EP from the Punk metalheads. After being out-of-print for nearly 27 years, it is once again available in the original format... all 22 songs on one piece of seven inch vinyl! Once again, you can hear the raw, fast music in it's original mix and master, the way it was first meant to be heard.


  1. Sad to Be
  2. War Crimes
  3. Busted
  4. Draft Me
  5. F.R.D.C
  6. Capitalist Suck
  7. Misery Loves Company
  8. No Sense
  9. Blockhead
  10. I Don't Need Society
  11. Commuter Man
  12. Plastique
  13. Why
  14. Balance of Terror
  15. My Fate to Hate
  16. Who Am I
  17. Money Stinks
  18. Human Waste
  19. Yes Ma'me
  20. Dennis' Problem
  21. Closet Punk
  22. Reganomics