Dead Serious "It's What You Can't See" CD


Raw, furious, abrasive and pissed are what Dead Serious are about and they accomplish the task of delivering the full impact of such emotions with their lyrically venomous, musically lethal assault of Hardcore Punk. Experience "It's What You Can't See" and discover resistance.


  1. Smile You Yellow Tooth Bastard
  2. The Switchblade Of Gary Day
  3. Yeah My P@#@y Hurts Too
  4. Promised Tomorrow
  5. The Overlook
  6. My Favourite American
  7. Here's A Quarter (Call Someone Who Cares)
  8. Delaware Hall
  9. I Break Hearts And Heads
  10. Backpack
  11. Flame Still Burns (Originally by Youth Of Today)
  12. Do Unto Others And Split