Deathsquad "Stay One" CD


Originally released in 2018 by the band itself and only available in Russia, FWH decided to sign this massive East-European wolfpack to bring their metallic heavy Beatdown sound to a worldwide audience. Compared to the first DIY press the FWH Deluxe Edition comes as a 6-panel digipack including a printed guitar-pick and a mini band poster. In addition to these little gimmicks the FWH release contains three bonus tracks. Two cover tunes from HATEBREED and SIX FT. Ditch and a brandnew song with guest-vocals by German Rap artist DANIEL GUN. 


  1. Ourblood
  2. Suffering
  3. Kill Love
  4. STFU
  5. No Respect
  6. We Are Here
  7. M.O.B.
  8. Hard Life
  9. Zero Morals
  10. Disaster
  11. Tear It Down (Written By Hatebreed)
  12. 12 Six Feet Deep (Written By Six Ft Ditch)