Diehard Youth "Without The Kids We Would Be Dead" CD


Musically, mixing hard driving riffs, melodic breaks, catchy singalongs and stomping mosh sections, Californian Diehard Youth bring back the spirit of youth crew Hardcore like no other on "Without The Kids We Would Be Dead".


  1. Boondock Saints
  2. Check Mate
  3. 9 – 11 Wake Up Call
  4. I Hate Tic Tac Toe (The Game of X’s and 0’s)
  5. Hello. Goodbye.
  6. Warm Blood From A Cold Heart
  7. In This Corner
  8. Age Of Improvement
  9. The Message
  10. Boys Don’t Cry
  11. TRL Punks
  12. Cypress Way, Tehachapi CA.
  13. Friday Night Stereotype
  14. As Posi As We Wanna Be
  15. The Kids Are Alright
  16. Gambling On Hopes And Dreams